Against the Tide
Recipes for Small Chefs

Filmed performance of Chasing the shoals - yindilgal balkanya! <b>Against the Tide - Queensland's Moreton Bay fishing industry since 1824

Fishing was the glue that held communities of Moreton Bay together. It provided more than a livelihood. It was a way of life; a way of life that has largely disappeared. The show captures the rise and fall of the local fishing industry and the impact of its loss.

Against the Tide - Queensland's Moreton Bay Fishing Industry since 1824 chronicles the rise and fall of the local fishing industry. It includes over 80 historical photos and a series of light-hearted bush poems that capture some of the hilarious true stories told by fishermen who have worked in the industry.

This is a story that deserves to be told.

<b>Recipes for Small Chefs - Seafood Edition

The book is designed to give children the confidence to enjoy cooking. The recipes identify jobs for adults and are written using simple language so they are easy to read. Cartoons and colorful images throughout make the book fun and entertaining.